How to compare contracts - currencies and units

In this article, we will navigate you through the steps of comparing contracts with different currencies and units. We will guide you through an example of a UK gas contract compared with a Dutch TTF gas contract.


In this example, we will convert a UK gas contract quoted in pence per term into Euro per megawatt hour. 

Start with opening the contract and navigate to "Chart". After that, select "Currency" and "Unit". 


We then go from pence per therm to Euro, which is then switched into megawatt hour. 


You can easily go back again to pence per therm by using the drop-down menu. 


We can also compare this UK gas contract with a European gas contract, such as; Dutch TTF Gas from PEGAS.

Navigate to compare and select "contracts". 

We can now see the comparison between the Dutch Pegas contract for TTF and the UK contract in Euros per megawatt hour. 


You can also look at the two graphs together and view the spread between them. Navigate to "Compare" and select "Spread". 


A new chart with the spread will appear below, which shows the difference between the UK gas contract for 2023 and the Dutch gas contract for 2023.