Fundamental Data

Our Fundamental Data consists of production, consumption, and flows from Power, Gas, Oil, and Coal. In this article, we will give you an introduction to the tool, as well as, the data sources used and when they are updated.

Fundamental data allows you to get a better overview of the market by accessing a variety of fundamental data, such as power production, consumption and flows, gas pipeline flows and storage inventory, coal import/export, and oil OPEC data.

The Fundamental data is based on publicly available transparency data that is collected and visualized within Montel Online.  Furthermore, the data can be downloaded if you have access to Montel XLF or API. 

Our Fundamental Data can be found within the commodities Power, Gas, Coal, or Oil in the menu. 



On most of the Fundamental Data pages, you will find an information button where you can view all the data sources that are used to create the overviews.
For example; Power Balance Overview
All Fundamental Data for the nordic countries (NO, SE, FI, DK, EE, LV, LT) is loaded from Statnett. This includes Consumption, Production, and Net Exchange.

All Fundamental Data for Poland is loaded from PSE. This includes Consumption, Production, and Net Exchange.

Power Production and Net Exchange for other countries is loaded from the entsoe Transparency Platform.

Power Production data for the Netherlands is coming from the EEX Transparency Platform (as it seems to be more complete than on entsoe)

For the countries where we do not have explicit Consumption data, this information is derived from Production and Net Exchange.


Example 2: European Gas Storage Inventory (AGSI)


When is the data updated? 

The data is updated when the sources have published their data.


The fundamental data view is developed and maintained by Data Fabricator GmbH.