How to find contracts from the contract picker

In this article, we will navigate you through the steps on how to select contracts from our contract picker in the advanced charts.


In the contract picker, you can select between relative and static contracts.  

Relative contracts are the ones that are linked together as Front products, while static contracts are the ones that individual contracts from different commodity markets at any given time. 


We will continue with Relative contracts. Here we can choose among different commodities from agriculture to power. If we for instant select "gas", we will get the chance to select between a variety of different gas marketplaces around Europe. For now, we will select "Dutch TTF Gas".


After selecting the market, you will further need to choose one of the sources. We will choose "Pegas". 


After selecting the exchange/broker, we will get a listing of all different Front contracts, from days to months, to seasons, quarters, and years.


Choose a yearly contract and "set". By this, we have now opened a product and selected a contract from our contract picker.