Order view and symbols

This article gives an overview of all active orders and the symbols used in Montel Marketplace.

Order view

Please see above an overview of all the active orders in the service.
From here, you can view all the prices which have been added to Montel
Marketplace, whether they are buy orders, sell orders, or an order which
has received a counteroffer or counterbid in the service.

To get more information on an order, click on the order you are interested
in, and it opens an order details card which displays more information
(please see example above).

Market orders

  1. Mine – these orders have been placed on Marketplace by you.
  2. Any – these prices are open for everyone on Marketplace to trade.
  3. Counterparty – these orders have been placed by your counterparties
    and are available for your company to trade.
  4. Greyed out orders – these orders have been placed by a company
    which is not on your list of counterparties. You will need to connect
    with them to be able to trade.

Symbol list