What can be found within the overview pages in Montel Online?

This article will guide you through the overview pages and how it is structured.


When logging in to Montel Online you will by default be redirected to the news page. From here you may navigate to any other section of the service via the top menu. News and data update continuously throughout the service, but access to some of the data and real-time updates may require an upgrade to your subscription. 

The menu in Montel Online is structured based on the different commodities, which are again divided into different areas. Most of the areas have an overview page, that is structured more or less in the same way. 

The overview pages display a default overview for each market, including the most liquid contracts (in the middle of the page) as well as complementary data (right side) and news (left side). The overview pages make it easy to get started, but the settings can at any time be changed and saved by the user.