Register a new order in Montel Marketplace

Register an order with the following steps below.

Register an order:

The ”New order +” button is available in a number of different places.Click ”New order +” and you will then enter a 4-step order form.



1. Basic

Choose if you want to buy or sell an order, then choose technology:

- Biofuel

- Geothermal

- Hydro

- Solar

- Wind

- Any of the renewables above


Choose region

To view the countries within the region please choose your region, and then the info button will appear.

Choose production period

- Year

- Quarter

- Month

- Or select a period


2. More info

Choose delivery period

- Standard - Standard delivery is January 31st the year after production

- Spot - Delivery after signature

- Date - Select your desired delivery date


Registry Operator

- Choose the registry where you will transfer or cancel the GO


Choose Label

- Choose to add labels



- Indicates if the power plant has any financial support from public funds


3. Price

Quantity (MWh)

- 1 Quantity = 1MWh


Price per unit







Expires in

- 1 hour

- 17:00 CET

- Choose your time


Make order available to

- Public - Everyone on Marketplace can buy/sell your order (green)

- Counterparty - Your order 


4. Review

The final overview presents the requirements for your order and enables you to either submit or make edits to your order. This also allows you to save your order as a preset, so that you can easily place the same order again in future.


Click on any of the pencil symbols to edit your requirements in that



Save as preset

To save the order as a template, click “Save as preset”.