What is Montel XLF (Excel Feeder)?

Montel XLF (Excel Feeder) gives you access to Montel's vast database of market data directly to Microsoft Excel, completely automatic.



Montel XLF (Excel Feeder) is an add-in designed for Microsoft Excel, allowing users to download data from the Montel database automatically. This includes quotes, historical prices, trades, spot prices, and a selection of fundamental data/analysis. Exchange data is also available in real-time, without a delay. Once a Microsoft Excel file has been set up with the installed Montel XLF functions, it will automatically update, without the need for user interference.


Click here to view a step-by-step guide on how to install Montel XLF on your computer.


Click here for information about how to use Montel XLF and what types of data are available.