How to install Montel XLF

Please follow the steps below to install Montel XLF. If you wish to update from an earlier version, start with point 1. If this is a fresh install, continue to point 2.

  1. Deactivating the old version
    Start here when updating Montel XLF from an earlier version, if not, please skip to point 2.
    1. In the left hand menu go to “File -> Options -> Add-ins” and click the “Go…” button:

    2. Untick the previous version in the list under "Add-ins available" and click "OK":

    3. Before reinstalling Montel XLF, please delete a folder called "XLF" found locally on your device, usually via this path: C:\Users\"your user"\AppData\Roaming\Montel\XLF. Note that you might have to select "Show Hidden items" in your file explorer to view these folders.
  2. Downloading the add-in:
    To install the latest version of Montel XLF, you first need to find out which bit-version of Microsoft Office you have installed. 

    After opening Excel, click "File" -> "Account" -> "About Excel". 

    On the top row of the appearing popup window you will see which bit-version you have installed (32-bit or 64-bit):

  3. After confirming which bit-version you have, please proceed by closing Microsoft Excel and following the steps below. 

    Download the file which corresponds with your bit-version of Microsoft Excel to your downloads folder.

    - 32-bit version of Montel XLF 
    - 64-bit version of Montel XLF 

    Save the file locally on your disk, where you have reading/writing rights. E.g. create a new folder called “XLF” somewhere on C:, where you move the installation file from the downloads folder.

  4. Define the folder as a Trusted Location in Microsoft Excel:
    1. Start Microsoft Excel.
    2. Click “File” in the top left corner:

    3. Click “Options” in the bottom left corner.
    4. Click “Trust Center” to the left and then click “Trust Center Settings…”:

    5. Click “Trusted Locations” to the left and then click “Add new location…” on the bottom right:

    6. Click “Browse…” and browse to folder location noted in step “2: Downloading the add-in”, where the installation-file is saved. Mark the folder and click “OK”.
    7. Tick the option “Subfolders of this location are also trusted”.
    8. Click “OK” to confirm:

    9. Check that the location you added is listed under “User Location” and then click “OK” again in the “Trust Center”:

    10. Restart Microsoft Excel.

  5. Installation process:
    1. Go to “File -> Options -> Add-ins” and click the “Go…” button:

    2. Click “Browse…”, browse and find the path to the installation file which you saved locally and click it:

    3. Click “OK”:

    4. Montel XLF should now appear in the ribbon menu:

    5. Restart Microsoft Excel and verify that Montel XLF still appears in the ribbon menu.


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