Proxy settings for Montel XLF

This is an instruction on how to edit the proxy settings for Montel XLF.

Montel XLF Excel-add-in uses https to communicate with, port 443.

Montel XLF automatically detects if you are using a proxy server in your system. If needed, it will search the Windows Credentials Manager to get your username and password for the proxy. If you don’t already have the username and password in Windows Credentials Manager, you can add these by following these steps:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go to User Accounts
  3. Click “Manage your credentials”
  4. Select the “Windows Credentials” tab
  5. Add a new generic credential
  6. Enter the proxy address as “internet or network address”
  7. Enter your username and password
  8. Click “OK”

If you are still not able to connect via your proxy, this might be because XLF is not able to get your proxy credentials from the Windows Credentials Manager. In this case please try the following alternative:

The proxy settings can be set manually in the XLF config file, which is in the ZIP file, click here. Unpack the ZIP file locally on your device. Note that this ZIP file replaces the Montel XLF installation file linked in How to install Montel XLF.

- If you run Excel 32-bit, you need to change the Montel.xll.config file.
- If you run Excel 64-bit, you need to change the Montel64.xll.config file.

The values that require to be set are:
<add key="ProxyUri" value="your proxy URL, including port if different than 80, here"/>
<add key="ProxyUsername" value="your proxy username"/>
<add key="ProxyPassword" value="your proxy password"/>

You also might need administrative rights to be able to save the file.

After the settings have been set, Excel needs to be restarted.

Please note that username/password is not encrypted, but stored as clear text. If you wish to install a new version of the XLF in the future, the settings need to be set again in the new config file.